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"49 aspects of human emotion"

Poems by Alan Toltzis

Coming July 2018

Mozart as Lawbreaker
Humorous Essays: Autobiographical, 
About The Law, and About Poetry 
by Mordecai Rosenfeld  (New York)  

Now Available from the author:
[email protected]

336 page Essay Collection
ISBN:  : 978-1-942051-21-3
$18.95 + $3.99 Shipping 

(Third collection with Poetica

The Animal Trees
Poetry Collection by Kathleen Caster Mace

Kathleen Caster Mace was born and raised in Louisville, KY.  She received her BA in English and Journalism from  Bellarmine University. She studied Contemporary British Literature at Oxford University on a scholarship from the English-Speaking Union. After receiving her MA in  Journalism from Indiana University-Bloomington, she worked in Manhattan as a writer/editor at various magazines, later working as a freelance writer based in Seattle. She now lives in Niwot, Colorado, with her husband and their two sons.


The Azure World

Essay Collection by Bill Wood (Canada)

All essays in this collection were
previously published in various
magazines in Canada and U.S.

Author is not interested in ISBN#,

bar code, no publicity. Author will
share only with family and friends,
and  occasionally at open readings.

235 page collection

Cover art:

Stones and Bridges
Poetry Collection by Nathan Harrison (Vermont)

Author is sharing his new collection 
with family and friends, not available
for purchase. 

Cover art:


If Only
Poetry Collection by Denise Barbadory
(Alaska and Maryland)

Author will offer signed copies at local 
readings, only. 

Cover art:

A Potpourri of Poetry (SOLD OUT)
Poetry Chapbook by Jane Allen Edwards (Virginia)

This is Edwards' third poetry collection
published by Poetica Publishing Company.

"A Potpourri of Poetry deals with a variety of topics I’ve experienced that I wanted to put into words. From walking through the snow in Winter Simplicity to relaxing in my trailer while going through the sights and sounds in A Summer’s Day, I experience nature’s seasons in a distinct way. I describe in The Spirit of Christmas what I like to do at that time of the year, and as I listen to classical music, I give my impressions of favorite composers in Musical Expression- - -It’s Impression. These examples are but a few of the included pieces, hopefully just enough to entice you to share my work with you!"                                                                 

                                                                         --The Author

Can You Say Kaddish for The Living?
Poetry Chapbook by Keith Tornheim (Boston)

This is Tornhiem's second collection 
published by Poetica Publishing. 

Available from the author:  [email protected]

"These are poems of Jewish experience, many of which have been read at services of our congregation.  Some are about Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, especially Yizkor; some are general and some are personal, such as wearing my father’s tallis or communing with memories of my parents or why I have not placed pebbles on their graves.  There are poems in memory of a friend’s father, a Holocaust survivor, and about the sculptures of second-generation survivor Lisa Rosowsky, and lighter poems about Isaac’s camping trip and why we owe thanks to mosquitoes.  The title poem was inspired by my father’s dementia at the end of his life.  The last poem envisions the Friday night listening by the angels, malachei hashalom."                                                                              

                                                                                             --- The Author                                                                       



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Michal Mitak, Publisher
[email protected]

2018 Mizmor L'David Anthology
Now Open for Submissions

The editors are interested
in spiritually engaged 
poetry and art from a broad range of perspectives;
heal, repair, transform
the world. 

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Essay Collection

Elizabeth McDaniel
March 2018

Poetry Collection
Norman McPeterson
February 2018

Poetry/Prose Collection
Annette Bloch
January 2018

4th Poetry Chapbook
Jane Allen Edwards
February 2018

Debut Poetry Collection
Alan Busch 
October 2018

Mizmor L'David Anthology
2017 First Edition

2016 Anna Davidson 
Rosenberg Poetry Award
Winners' Collection
September 2017

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