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                   Mizmor Poetry Anthology

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Mizmor Anthology
Annual Poetry Collection
Theme: Spirituality 

No Fee Submissions:
September 1 - October 15
ISSN 2694-6041 (2017-2021)

Through My Jewish Eyes
by Ellina Zipman
October 2021

In The Aftermath
     911 Through a Volunteer's Eyes

by Beth SKMorris (New York)

Casa de mi Corazon, 

A Travel Journal of Poetry and Memoir
by Lindsay Soberano-Wilson

Passing the Pandemic Day
Essays by Mordecai Rosenfeld

*This book is the author's 4th
collection published by Poetica
 August 2021

De Profundis: 
A Series of Poems Tempered 
By Fahr's Disease
Poems by David King

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