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49 Aspects of Human Emotion

Poems by Alan Toltzis

49 Aspects of Human Emotion is based on the Kabbalistic tradition that we can understand ourselves and our world by meditating on seven aspect of our seven conscious emotions, or sephirot. Following that path, I wrote one poem for each of those nuanced emotions. For me, it was a remarkable literary journey as I experienced the world through 49 different emotional filters. While the inspiration is mystical and spiritual, the poems are grounded in the day-to-day. 

$14.95 Signed Copies



Author's 2nd Poetry Collection.  

Solely Entwined

Poetry Chapbook
by Michal Mahgerefteh 

Author's 5th poetry
Chapbook collection

January 2019

Mozart as Lawbreaker
Humorous Essays:

About The Law, and
About Poetry 
by Mordecai Rosenfeld  

Available from the author:

336 page Essay Collection
ISBN: 978-1-942051-21-3
$18.95 + $3.99 Shipping 

Author's 3rd Essay Collection. 

The Animal Trees
Poetry Collection by Kathleen Caster Mace

Kathleen Caster Mace was born and raised in Louisville, KY. She received her BA in English and Journalism from Bellarmine University. She studied Contemporary British Literature at Oxford University on a scholarship from the English-Speaking Union. After receiving her MA in  Journalism from Indiana University-Bloomington, she worked in Manhattan as a writer/editor at various magazines, later working as a freelance writer based in Seattle. She now lives in Niwot, Colorado, with her husband and their two sons.


Sold Out 

The Azure World

Essay Collection 

by Bill Wood (Canada)

Author will offer 

signed copies at
readings, only. 

235 page collection

Cover art:

Stones and Bridges
Poetry Collection 

by Nathan Harrison 


Author is sharing his 

debut collection 
with family and friends, 

not available for purchase. 

Cover art:


If Only
Poetry Collection
by Denise Barbadory
(Alaska and Maryland)

Author will offer signed
copies at local 

Cover art:



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Michal Mitak, Publisher
Virginia Based Company

2018 Mizmor Anthology
Now Open for Submissions

The editors are interested
in spiritually engaged 
poetry and art from a broad range of perspectives;
heal, repair, transform
the world. 

72 Poets included
still open for submissions.

Visit the Page
Deadline: 11.01.18

2017 Mizmor Anthology
Outstanding Writers
Included in this edition 

Sara O’Donnell Adler
Jayson Amster

Deborah Bacharach 
Amanda Ballen (South Africa)

Devon Balwit

Carol Barrett
Bruce Berger

Esther Schnur-Berlot

Bruce Black

Stephen Bluestone 
Jared Chipkin

Idan Cohen (Israel)

Patricia Coleman

Chella Courington
Allison Darcy

Morry Edwards

Aaron Fischer

Daniel Fitzpatrick
Julia Friedman (Israel)

Michael Getty

Benjamin Goluboff

Ray Greenblatt, 
David Greenstone

Hanoch Guy

Shira Hereld

Michael Lee Johnson (Canada)
Babo Kamel 

Yoni Hammer-Kossoy (Israel) 
Tali Kuhel

Yonah Lavery (Canada)

Michael H. Levin

Daniella Levy (Israel)
Donald Mender

Resa Mestel

Beth Mills

Erika Michael

David Pollard (England)
Maida Roberts

Bruce Robinson
Gerard Sarnat

Elaine Schwartz

Ken Seide

Eli Steier

Tamar Stern

David Greenstone
Erica Steinweg

Immanuel Suttner (Australia)
Nancy Smahl-Syrop

Dov Weinman
Ross Weissman

Jamie Wendt

Mantz Yorke (England)

Many of our authors are not interested in publicity, promotion, or ISBN#. They are mostly interested in creating a print collection of their favorite works to share with family and friends. Contact us to discuss publishing options. Thank you!

Forthcoming  Collections

Debut Poetry Collection

Alan Busch
(New York)
October 2018

Debut Poetry Collection
Nina Heim
March 2019

2nd Poetry Chapbook
Jacob Friend
December 2019

5th Poetry Collection
Michal Mahgerefteh
January 2019

Essay/Poetry Collection
David Furman
(New York)
March 2019

15 more collections
are planned for 2019
most authors are
from the U.S. 

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