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                   Mizmor Poetry Anthology

2020 Special Poetry Collection Offer!
$11.00 per copy and the editors will proofread the text, design the cover,
register the title, format the manuscript. Authors keep all royalties and rights.
Minimum in the initial order 50 copies. For additional information,
please contact the managing editor: Michal Mahgerefteh
PoeticaPublishing@aol.com / 
Serious Inquiries - Please!

2020 Mizmor Poetry Anthology - Open for Submissions
Visit the ANTHOLOGY PAGE to review the guidelines. 
Annual Deadline: August 15
No Entry Fee - Writers Receive Free Copy

2019 Mizmor Anthology 

Writers from the following countries
are included in this edition, each will
receive one-free copy: England, Israel,
Hong Kong, Australia, Canada, Belgium,
and United States. 

140 Pages / Perfect Bind / Full Color Cover
Art Title: "Good News" by Victor Tkachenko
Visit the store:
$10.00 no shipping cost

Original Sin 

Debut Poetry Chapbook
by Leigh Cuen 
(New York)

"Taste the fruits of truth dangling above.

Wisdom won’t ever desert you.

Bite my pretty little apple, Love.

I promise this time it won’t hurt you."

38 Pages of Poetry Chapbook  
Full Color/Perfect Bind

Order: leighcuen@gmail.com

$12.99 Signed Copies 

MANTRA: Healing Chants

by Norman Chansky 

4.25" x 6.75"

Full Color Cover
80 Pages 

Cover by:

Title: “Magic Talisman”
by Arina Ulyasheva

Order Signed Copies:


$12.95 Signed Copies

My Ivy Library

Essay Collection 

by Mordecai Rosenfeld
(New York)

Forthcoming January 2020
Publishing in honor of his 90th birthday. 

Cover Art:
Michael Rosenfeld
(Author's Private Library)

Third Collection
published by Poetica.
*Available February 2020

A Potpourri of Poetry

by Jane Allen Edwards

Second Edition - April 2020

In honor of her 79th birthday. 

70 pages
Full Color Cover

Perfect Binding 

Forth collection
published by Poetica.

Ghetto Gospel
Debut Poetry Chapbook
by Smoove Babii
(New York)

36 Pages 
Perfect Binding
Full Color Cover 
$12.95 Per Copy

Signed Copies
Now Available 

Michal Mahgerefteh
Managing Editor
Creating Publishing
Opportunities for Writers

2020 Book Projects
in Progress

A Contemporary Song of Love
Collection of Poems and Essays Norman Chansky

Split the Sea
Debut Poetry Collection
Jacob Plante

The Bridge to Nothing
by Matthew Talos
Debut Poetry Collection

Midnight Fog 
by Leslie Barr
Debut Prose Collection

Blade of Glory 
by Nachum Barson
Debut Poetry Chapbook 

At First 
by Gabrielle Oliger
Debut Poetry Chapbook 

Danielle Vannal 
Second Collection
Forthcoming 2020

Beautiful Covers

Anna Davidson Rosenberg Poetry Award 2017 and 2018 Winning Poems Collection


Cover Art:
Melita Kraus

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